Just a tip, make covers of new released and latest songs to get more hits. You want your cover to be the first one out there on youtube. When people search for that particular latest cover, your video will gain many hits. Just saying. Keep it up!

Yep, that’s exactly how it works. But for me I try to pick songs that I also really enjoy playing and singing otherwise it’s sort of just going through the motions. But you’re right, and thanks for the advice.

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Can you refresh my memory on how you wrote “This Bridge”? Being a Vet you NAILED the feelings and things that go on.. The lyric “The war doesn’t change just the fighter, no it changes everyone’s life” Is the single most truthful lyric out there. Thanks

This Bridge was inspired by an email that a solider sent to me about his difficulties with post traumatic stress and resuming his normal life after returning from Iraq. He asked if I had thought about a writing a song that pertained to the war. Instead of focusing on what we all know about how terrible war can be, I focused on the story that most people don’t think about, and that is what happens after a solider returns home and the difficulties the families also go through.

I’m so glad you were able to relate to the song and thanks so much for being interested in hearing more about the story behind the song. Thank you for your service!

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